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Would You Ban The Dad From The Delivery Room?

Justin Timberlake will be banned, would you ban your man from the delivery room?

31 mins ago

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Dumb Things Guys Say To Women

“You’re like a pizza at a Chinese Buffett, not a lot of people will want you except pizza lovers.”

Wired 96.5–02/26/2015

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What Your Breakfast Says About You?

Look at your breakfast, what does it say about you?

Wired 96.5–02/26/2015

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Would You Let Your Parents See Your Sex Scene?

Could your parents handle seeing you in a sex scene? The Mom of Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson was asked if she would.

Wired 96.5–02/23/2015


Slogan Challenge With Bex & Chunky

We all know these jingles but can you guess them with out seeing the product?

Wired 96.5–02/23/2015

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Would You Sell Your Breast Milk On Craigslist?

Would you sell your leftover breast milk? We asks these callers and find out something about Chunky’s childhood from Mama Chunky!

Wired 96.5–02/20/2015

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Should Chunky Feel Guilty About What Happened When He Got A Haircut?

What happened to Chunky during his haircut, is it considered cheating?

Wired 96.5–02/19/2015

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Crazy Places To Have Sex

Whether it’s in the back seat of car, in your parent’s basement or the layaway section of store, Find out where some of the craziest place these people had sex in.

Wired 96.5–02/11/2015

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Butt Dialing 911 Could Ruin Your Party

It’s 2015 time to get your phone locked so that you don’t butt dial anymore!

Wired 96.5–02/10/2015

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Would You Kiss Your Parents Like Bill Belichick?

The opinions are in was Bill Belichick out of line when he kissed his daughter on the lips after winning the Super Bowl? So many texted in and there are so many opinions that are mixed. […]




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