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Big Philly Show Talks The Death Of Your Phone

How did your phone die? We take callers and find out whose phone died the worst.

Wired 96.5–8 hours ago

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Do You Sleep With Your Pet?

Are you sacrificing a good night sleep just to keep you pet comfy?

Wired 96.5–03/05/2015

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Big Philly Show Finds Out The Average Size Of The Male Package

How does you man “man up” to these world-wide averages?

Wired 96.5–03/04/2015

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Which Household Chore Do You Hate The Most?

What do you avoid doing on cleaning day?

Wired 96.5–03/04/2015

Photo Credit ERIC FEFERBERG / Getty Images

Would You Ban The Dad From The Delivery Room?

Justin Timberlake will be banned, would you ban your man from the delivery room?


What color is this dress?(Source: Twitter)

Dress Debate Dominating Social Media

Can you tell what color this dress is? Big Philly Show can’t decide.

Wired 96.5–02/26/2015

Photo Credit Kevork Djansezian

Dumb Things Guys Say To Women

“You’re like a pizza at a Chinese Buffett, not a lot of people will want you except pizza lovers.”

Wired 96.5–02/26/2015

(Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images)

Thanks To KFC You Can Now Eat Your Coffee Cup

Take coffee to a sweeter and greener new level.

Wired 96.5–02/26/2015

Photo Credit: (Mireya Acierto / Getty Images)

What Your Breakfast Says About You?

Look at your breakfast, what does it say about you?

Wired 96.5–02/26/2015

Photo Credit: Justin Fortmeier

Do You Get Offended When You Get Called Honey Or Sweetie?

Do you take offense if a stranger called you honey or buddy?

Wired 96.5–02/25/2015


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