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Nickname: Bex, Becky or B (or Rebekah if someone is mad at me)
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Will Ferrell, Jim Carey, Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Band/Artist: SOOO MANY! It’s hard to just pick a few but currently I’m obsessed with Chris Browns new album, Ariana Grandes new album, Miguel, Paramore and Childish Gambino
Favorite Song: Outkast “Hey Ya”
Favorite Movie: Dumb & Dumber, Elf, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore
Favorite TV Show: The Voice, Saturday Night Live, The Following & How To Get Away With Murder
Favorite Book: The Alchemist
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite thing to do in Philly: Dinner at Prime Stache or drinks at Morgan’s Pier (in the summertime)
Favorite Quote: “Be As Happy As A Bird With A French Fry”
Hobbies: Dancing, playing my guitar, coming up with million dollar ideas (well ideas I hope to sell for millions of dollars), BEXterest, intramural basketball, cooking (eating), hanging out with my nieces and nephews
Random Fact about yourself: I speak fluent Arabic and used to be in a middle eastern dance troop back in the day.


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Underwear Made Of Christmas Trees?

The Big Philly Show found something interesting to put that ‘Holiday Spice’ in your love life. A French company called Do You Green, is selling a line of lingerie made from recycled christmas trees. The […]

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Bex Gets Scammed From CraigsList

Bex finds out the hard way about buying tickets off craigslist!

Wired 96.5–12/15/2014



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